HYDROWAGON 800 bar JUMBO 24lmin thumbnail

NEW! Model: 800 Bar JUMBO 

Specs: 800 bar / 24lmin / 50HP

We work with the best materials, from Made in Italy quality piston pumps that require minimal maintenance due to their reliability, to high pressure washing accessories with patented designs and technology that enhance the cleaning experience. We design for durability and functionality, and we use the world’s leading manufacturing techniques to bring those designs to life.
We are committed to customization that have direct positive impact to our customer’s operations. This means listening to our customers, collecting actionable feedback and realizing them; one step at a time, the 800 bar JUMBO was born.

Built using only premium materials to last longer, clean better and improve your day.

Start by choosing your preferred model.
HYDROWAGON 200 bar TURBO High Pressure Washer Blaster. Marine Cleaning. Construction Cleaning

Model: 200 Bar TURBO

Specs: 200 bar / 15lmin / 7.5HP

HYDROWAGON 500 bar 15lmin LITE

Model: 500 Bar LITE

Specs: 500 bar / 15lmin / 20HP

HYDROWAGON 500 bar PRO High Pressure Washer Blaster

Model: 500 Bar PRO

Specs: 500 bar / 30lmin / 40HP

There’s something incredibly powerful about working on simple things to perfection
– it connects people together.